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EBC Parts For Yamaha GT 80 1973-1975 393 393 1 4 9 BHP 3 6 kw
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EBC Parts For Yamaha DT 175 1974 458 CT1 1
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EBC Parts For Yamaha DT 125 1974 459 AT2 1 10 BHP 7 4 kw
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EBC Parts For Yamaha RD 60 1974-1975 388 388 1
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EBC Parts For Yamaha RD 125 1975 DX 416 AS3 2 17 BHP 13 kw
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EBC Parts For Yamaha RD 200 1975 DX 535 397 2 17 BHP 13 kw
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EBC Parts For Yamaha RD 50 1975 DX 526 353 1 6 2 BHP 4 6 kw
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EBC Parts For Yamaha RD 125 1975 416 AS3 2 17 BHP 13 kw
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EBC Parts For Yamaha RD 250 1975 522 522 2 30/27 BHP 20/22 kw
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EBC Parts For Yamaha RD 350 1975 521 521 2 39 BHP 28 5 kw
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EBC Parts For Yamaha RD 200 1975 417 397 2 17 BHP 13 kw
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EBC Parts For Yamaha DT 175 1975 458 CT1 1
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EBC motorcycle brake pads and discs quality assured

EBC Brakes remain at the forefront of motorcycle braking technology. In recent years the market has been flooded by cheap imports from the far east and eastern Europe but EBC are still renowned for its quality control and innovations. EBC motorcycle products are either produced in their state of the art plant in the UK or their plant across the Atlantic in America. EBC's UK factory makes the bulk of EBC's brake pads and discs, the company as a whole employe in excess of 400 highly skilled workers producing over 5000 different parts for a vast array of vehicles.

EBC's most popular pads are the EBC organic range. The pads have been developed for road bikes and scooters and are 100% ECO-friendly. The pads are produced to OE Standards and are an outstanding choice for riders looking for to replace their old sintered pads. EBC's organic brake pads have exceptional stopping power as well as having low abrasion on the brake discs. The brake pads have been extremely popular with riders worldwide and have sold over 40 million sets since their launch.

Double-H (HH) sintered pads are the premium flagship brake pad that EBC produces. The pads have been specially formulated for superbikes and sports bikes. The sintered material provides outstanding performance both in dry and wet conditions. The pads are manufactured in the USA at EBS's state of the art sintering plant in Ohio.

If you are looking for a brake pad for track or race days, EBC has the GPFAX Sintered and the EPFA Sintered brake pads. The GPFAX pads have the highest level of friction available from the EBC range (the pads are not street legal and are for the race track only). The pads feature zero brake fade and excellent heat stability. The EPFA pads are road legal and are ECE R 90 and TÃœV approved, the compound is based on the highly rated Double-H sintered compound but with the addition of enhanced stabilising additives which improves braking and the dispersion of heat. The pads are excellent in wet conditions and are suited to riders with aggressive styles.

EBC carbon X is the new name for the well-known TT brake pads by EBC, TT brake pads have a strong following in Europe amongst motocross and trail riders. The brake pads produce less heat which produces benefits in fast-drying conditions. The pads are made of a hybrid carbon compound and are also street legal.

EBC's R series is the most durable pad they produce, the pads are designed with a sintered copper compound that is extremely resistant to contamination from water, dirt, sand, and mud. The R series has fitment for all modern ATV's, motocross and off-road bikes

The range of scooter pads come in 3 different compounds, SFA organic series, SFA Double-H (HH) sintered Series and the SFAC carbon series. The SFA organic scooter pads are a premium pad that can be a replacement for both sintered and organic pads, the pads have been designed for street riding and because they are organic the won't damage your brake discs. The SFA series are ECO-friendly and are produced without any harmful toxic compounds. The scooter HH series by EBC is the best pads the company produces, it is a sintered compound that uses EBC's Maxilife Sports formulation to ensure a hardwearing pad that doesn't damage the brake disc. The brake pads are good in wet and dry road conditions and are suitable for all scooters. The SFAC Carbon series is designed for the modern scooters that are heavier and faster than their older counterparts. The pads consist of a carbon a copper compound that has been formulated for excellent stopping power but will not damage the discs.

EBC Brake pad and brake disc chart for different riding styles

Riding Style

Best Pads

Best Brake Rotor/Discs

Street Sport Aramid Organic X or XC Rotors
Fast offroad Enduro or sport ATV Carbon Enduro OS Series Oversize Kits, SM Series Supermoto Kits or C Suffix Stainless Rotors
Superbike Street Double-Hâ„¢ X or XC Rotors
ATV Utility R Series Sintered MD Series Carbon Steel Rotors
Superbike Street & Track (also great for supermoto conversions) EPFA Sintered XC Rotors
Motocross Race MXS Sintered OS Series Oversize Kits or C Suffix Stainless
Severe Duty ATV SV Sintered MD Series Carbon Steel Rotors
Supermoto Brakes EPFA or Carbon Supermotard Contour Rotor Kit
Cruiser Brakes – Organic Type for polished or Show rotors FA series Rotors For Big Twins
Cruiser Brakes – Sintered Double-H™ or EPFA Series Rotors For Big Twins
For heavy bikes, hard braking and longer life - -
Cruisers (front and rear) and heavy street bikes (rears only) for longer life Semi-Sinteredâ„¢ V-padsâ„¢ Rotors For Big Twins
Trackday brakes for fast street and occasional track outings EPFA Extreme pro sintered series XC contour rotors
Full closed circuit race use on super bike and full race machinery GPFAX–D1 new 2019 compound XC contour rotors
Street Use Superbike with Streetfighter Looks EPFA Sintered Pads VR Rotors