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Goldfren GP5-099 VD260 FA199 FDB2003 SBS691
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Goldfren GP5-116 FA218 FDB2007 SBS695
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Goldfren GP5-126 VD437 FA249 FDB2049 SBS704
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Goldfren GP5-132 FA216 FDB2040 SBS678 SBS662
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Goldfren GP5-135 FA281 SBS722
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Goldfren GP5-139 FA361
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Goldfren GP5-169 FA267 SBS733
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Goldfren GP5-194 FA294 SBS743 VD9020
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Goldfren GP5-210 FA375 FDB2169
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Goldfren GP5-251 FA432
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Goldfren GP5-269 FA454 4
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Goldfren GP5-270 FA345 SBS795 FDB2145 DP296 VD993
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Goldfren Sintered Motorcycle And Scooter Brake Pads logo

Goldfren outstanding sintered brake pads for scooters, motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds and ATVs

Goldfren have been making motorcycle parts for over 25 years and have gained a reputation for making exceptional quality sintered brake pads and brake discs. The company is based in the Czech Republic where all the pads are made.

If you are looking to replace your worn brake pads, Goldfren has a wide range of pads that are very competitively priced when compared with EBC and Ferodo sintered pads. Motorcycle Spares UK has an extensive Goldfren brake pads catalogue which offers a wide range of fitments and compounds.

Choosing your replacement pads can be a minefield with the vast array of different compounds and cross-reference numbers. You can use our guide to quickly locate the correct original brake pad number. The application chart shows the range of pads and which types of bikes they are designed for, the chart gives you cross-references for Goldsfren, SBS, EBC and Ferodo brake pads.

Goldfren AD Series, Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads

The AD compound is designed for normal street riding, the range has fitment for scooters, motorbikes and cruisers. The AD series is for riders who are looking for a hard wearing sintered brake pads and don't require extream stopping power. The wear rate is typically 20% lower when compared with sintered pads at the same price point. Due to the materials used in the AD compound, the pads have low abrasion with the brake disc which makes for quieter braking. The AD series pads contain metal and ceramic coupled with iron and finer additives to produce a pad which is hard wearing as well as giving you stopping power when you need it most.

Goldfren S3 Series, Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads

The S3 pads by Goldfren are for riders looking for greater stopping power than the AD series. The compound is best suited to harder riding styles which require higher stopping ability. The pads are excellent for bikes such as Harley Davidsons, Triumphs and BMWs as well as other motorcycles with larger engines. The pads operate at a higher temperature than the AD series, this is achieved by the addition of bronze graphite to the sintered material and a course sintered mixture.

Goldfren K5 Series, Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads

The K5 series has been specially formulated for off-road use. the range has fittings for motocross, MX, dirt bikes scramblers and ATVs. The pads have low abrasive characteristics, ensuring the extended life span of the pads, the pads have also been designed with self-cleaning properties. The pads are made with an advanced mixture of metal-ceramic and bronze graphite.

Goldfren K5-LX Series, Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads

The K5-LX is the next level up from the K5 series of Goldfren pads and are designed for race applications. The pads are for motocross and off-road riders who are looking for more stopping power, as with the K5 the K5-LX series has been designed to achieve optimal stopping properties couple with hard wearing attributes. The rear pads feature a heat shield which helps disperse heat.

Goldfren S33 Series, Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads

Goldfren's premium off-road pad is the S33 Series. Designed for riders demanding exceptional braking control under heavy conditions. The pads are currently used in world championships in both motocross and endurance, the pads have been proven in the toughest and most demanding conditions around the world. The brake pad compound contains a fine metal sintered material which gives outstanding performance even under the hardest barking situations.

Goldfren GP5 Series, Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads

The pads are recommended for street and track riders with aggressive riding styles. The pads have a low abrasion effect on the rotors which makes for quieter braking, the GP5 pads also have stainless steel heat shields as standard.

Goldfren GP6 Series, Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads

Designed for the track the GP6 are the next step up from the GP5, the pads have greater stopping power than the GP5 due to the specially formulated ceramic sintered material used in the construction of the pads.

Goldfren GP7 Series, Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads

These racing brake pads by Goldfren are particularly suited for wet conditions on the track, they have been produced with the latest sintered technology. The pads incorporate a heat shield for higher operating temperatures.

Goldfren GPR Series, Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads

The GPR series is the newest pads from Goldfren and have been specially formulated to have the best braking performance in wet conditions whilst losing none of the braking power in dry track conditions. If you are looking for the best pad available in the Goldfren range we recommend the GPR series for ultimate braking.