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Putoline oils were started in 1970 when Jan Put formulated his first motocross oil, by the 1980s Putoline was a well-established company who had an extensive product range and a strong following with MX riders. Today Putoline has the largest selection of motorcycle lubricants and maintenance products on the market and the company exports to over 40 countries worldwide.

N-TECH® is the most advanced engine oil that Putoline produces. The oil has unequalled wet clutch performance and low transmission and engine wear. The oil is exceptional at low temperatures which means less wear on cold starts and excellent cleaning properties to keep your motorcycle running to its optimal performance.

Putoline has a wide selection of transmission oils, the range covers most modern road and race bikes, scooters, mopeds and motocross bikes. Putoline's specialist Genuine V-Twin Gearbox Oil has been designed for older bikes with separate a gearbox and primary chain case. The oil produces smooth gear changes and less wear on the gearbox. Nano Trans GP contains N-TECH® and is a premium transmission oil suitable for the track. The oil is for 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes and gives exceptional protection, extended service life and can half the need for oil changes.

The Formula GP fork oil by Putoline has unprecedented lubricating qualities which reduce friction and prevents foaming, giving enhanced contact between the bike and the road. The oil has been designed for race competitions and track days. HPX R is a highly refined advanced synthetic fork oil, the oil prevents corrosion and oxidation and prevents foaming. The oil is best suited to motocross, enduro and other off-road bikes.

Ice cooler is a coolant that has excellent protection for all types of metals, the formula doesn't corrode seals. The coolant is a Mono Propylene Glycol formulation which has a freezing point of -26°C and is non-toxic and biodegradable.

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