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Scottoiler the chain oilers that protects your chains and sprockets

Scottoiler is the number one name in chain oilers, the chain oiler was invented by Fraser Scott, after a long arduous ride from Glasgow to Manchester to meet his girlfriend, he had the brilliant idea to convert a Suzuki’s vacuum petrol-tap into the first Scottoiler. The oiler took 5 years to perfect and was launched at the NEC Motorcycle show in 1983.

Having built the company steadily over the years, today Scottoiler employs 20 people and is exported to over 40 countries. The company has a great reputation with riders around the world who are after a way to prolong the life of their chains and sprockets.

Scottoiler is at the cutting edge of chain lubrication and their latest innovation is the xSystem Chain Oiler, which is the easiest system in the range to install. What makes the xSystem standout from the crowd is the compact discrete design making it ideal for modern bikes. The main benefits are the easy installation process which is suitable for all motorcycle and how the unit connects directly to the battery. The unit is motion activated and the flow rate can also easily be adjusted on the xSystem.

The Scottoiler vSystem is a vacuum operated chain oiler which provides lubrication to the chain whilst you are riding, the system increases the longevity of the chain and sprocket and improves performance.

The eSystem by Scottoiler was voted product of the year by readers of MCN and is the premium flagship product in the company's range. The installation process takes around an hour, the unit just has to be connected to the bike's battery feed and the main unit is easily attached to the bike. The oiler system's flow rate can be easily adjusted to suit conditions, the system is activated automatically when the motorcycle is being ridden.

Socttoiler has produced fitting kits and accessories for the most popular bikes and has manufactured universal versions of their oilers for other motorcycles. Scottoil refills are available in 250ml and 500ml bottles, the standard blue version of Scottoil has an operational temperature range of 0-30°C, the Red High-Temperature Scottoil operates at temperatures between 20-40° C. The Red Scottoil is also recommended for units that are fitted close to parts of the bike producing higher temperatures.

How a motorcycle chain oiler works.

The chain oiler was invented to save time and money, as a motorcyclist you know that one of the most important maintenance jobs you can do on your bikes is to keep your chain and sprocket free for dirt and grit. If not cleaned regularly the chain become clogged with a mixture of grit and dirt mixed with oil, the black paste produces accelerated wear on the chain by getting into the o-rings thus shortening the life of the chain, with the Scottoiler system a small amount of oil is fed onto your motorcycle chain. The unique Scotoil formulation has NON-stick additives which help to keep the chain and sprocket clean. By using Scottoiler chains have up to 7 times longer lifespan and manual cleaning and lubrication is only required every 300 miles.


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