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Vertex agm battery for Sachs X Road 125 15

Vertex agm battery for Sachs X Road 125 15
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Vertex agm battery for Sachs X Road 125 15

Vertex Pistons, Not Just a Pistons Manufacture

Vertex is an Italian company which was founded in 1953, at that time the company only had 8 workers. Today Vertex is a leading supplier of moped, scooter, motorcycle and motocross bike parts. If you follow motocross you would have come across the name before, with top teams such as the Yamaha factory team using vertex pistons during their 125cc Motocross World Championship title win in 1993. In 1995 vertex teamed up with Austrian manufacturer KTM, supplying both their motocross and enduro teams, Vertex cemented their relationship with KTM by becoming an OE supplier to them.

Vertex hopes to replicate the successes they had in the piston market and bring it to the motorcycle battery market. Vertex has produced a premium range of AGM (Advanced Glass Matt) batteries which they believe will take on established motorcycle battery producers such as Motobatt, Varta and even market leaders Yuasa. Although this is Vertex's first range of batteries they bring years of experience producing exceptional motorcycle parts and a winning mentality.

The AGM battery technology is popular amongst motorcycle riders looking for a battery which is maintenance free, this means you don't have to mess about topping up the batteries with acid. The Vertex AGM batteries are essential for cruisers, sports bikes and Touring motorcycles like Harley-Davidsons, Triumphs and BMW which require extra cranking power.

AMG battery technology has been around since the 1980s, as with many things it was invented for military use and has filtered down to the consumer. The sulfuric acid in the AGM battery is absorbed by an ultra-fine fibreglass mat, the process produces a non-spillable battery, amazingly AMG batteries can even be installed on their sides when required. The batteries can be shipped easily worldwide because it's not regarded as a dangerous good. The battery outputs high currents when called upon and is suited to modern motorcycles which need higher cranking power and to be able to run the plethora of electronic accessories available.

AGM batteries typically have a 15% longer life span and cycle life when compared to VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) batteries, The batteries are encased in high resistance ABS plastic which has been designed to be extremely tough and leak proof. Vertex has an extensive catalogue of battery fitments covering most motorcycle and scooter makes and models. All Batteries come with a 1-year warranty and are shipped from the UK

6.5Ah 12V Vertex AGM GEL non-spillable motorcycle battery

Length 150mm
Height 93mm
Width 65mm .

The Fully sealed AGM Absorbed Glass Mat motorcycle battery is designed to replace the following Yuasa, GS and Motobatt Codes.

YT7B-BS CT7B-4 CT7B-BS YT7B-4 GT7B-4 ET7B-BS 507901012 33610-29F20 YUAM62T7B YT7B-BS

Fitment Data

Sachs X Road 125 15 BHP 11 kw
Sachs X Road 125 13 3 BHP 9 8 kw
Sachs X Road 125 13 3 BHP 9 8 kw